Why Choose Us?

Don’t trust just anybody when it comes to your hearing healthcare. You’ll want a practice with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff, and a variety of proven treatment solutions. At Mt. Hood ENT & Allergy, we are fully committed to helping you reconnect with your loved ones. It’s not just our job – it’s our passion!

Our licensed and certified audiologists work closely with an onsite team of ear, nose and throat physicians to provide the most comprehensive ENT care in the region. We partner with the industry’s top manufacturers to provide a complete lineup of hearing aids featuring the latest technology, in a range of prices suitable for every budget. Our professionals are skilled in fitting and programming hearing aids to match our patients’ specific hearing needs, for the best results in even the most challenging listening situations. And our relationship doesn’t end once you purchase your hearing aids; we provide follow-up care that includes office visits and “clean and check” services to ensure your hearing devices continue to perform at their optimal level for many years to come.

We’re more than just an ENT practice. We also specialize in allergy treatments geared at reducing or eliminating unpleasant symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, sinus pressure and fatigue. When medications aren’t effective, we offer allergy skin testing and immunotherapy (allergy shots and sublingual drops) for long-term relief. In addition, we provide facial plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments aimed at keeping you looking your best and feeling confident!

If you’re looking for a full-service ear, nose and throat provider with a warm and inviting office and a caring staff, look no further than Mt. Hood ENT & Allergy.